YOUR Top Five: Home + Garden Show FAQ

posted 2/15/2017

What YOU Wanted to KNOW at the 2017 Home + Garden Show

Metro Waste Authority just wrapped up another successful outing at the 2017 Home + Garden Show. It is a wonderful opportunity for us to connect with residents and answer questions about recycling, yard waste, hazardous waste and trash. And this year, we received first-rate questions when folks stopped by our exhibit.Here are the top five questions asked by YOU at the 2017 Home + Garden Show.

YOUR Top Five

  1. Where can I buy this compost (after receiving the free sample)?
    Turf Gold Compost, is produced locally by Metro Waste Authority from the yard and garden waste collected through the Compost It! program. In a 9-to-12-month process, leaves, grass clippings and branches break down into compost. When applied to your lawn, garden or trees, it's a like a multi-vitamin for your soil. You can buy Turf Gold compost by the dump truck load at our facility or, purchase it in smaller quantities from several local retailers. Get details, a list of local retailers and application tips at
  2. What plastics can I recycle in my Curb It! cart?
    “My husband says we can recycle plastic cups from the convenience store, but I say no.” “How about plastic with a #5 on the bottom?” “Can I put those clear plastic strawberry containers in my recycling cart?” We heard these questions and more about which plastics do and do not go in your curbside cart. The best and easiest way to determine which plastics to recycle is to ask:  Does the container have a twist-off lid? If the answer is yes, then it's recyclable and so is the lid! So many people were surprised to learn the number and chasing arrow on the bottom of containers have NO RELEVANCE on whether an item is recyclable in our curbside program. However, if you follow the rule to recycle plastics with a twist-off lid, then you can’t go wrong. This means no more searching for the number on the container! Read more about recycling plastics in your cart here.

  1. Why aren’t other plastics accepted in my recycling cart?
    The simple answer is “supply and demand.” There are many, many different types of plastic. Manufacturers must need/want a particular type of plastic and be able to profitably create something new in order for it to be accepted in your recycling cart. The more “in demand” the plastic is, the more likely it is to be accepted in a curbside recycling program. In addition, it just isn’t feasible for recycling facilities to sort every type of plastic, so they must be selective and accept those that are the most common, with the greatest demand for resale. Like plastics with twist-off lids!
  2. My cart is damaged and I need it repaired or replaced. Who do I call?
    Call your hauler, and they will repair or replace it. Haulers vary by service and community, so select your community on our website to learn who your hauler is.
  3. Where can I get one of those yard waste carts?
    If your community participates in the Compost It! program, you can enroll in the cart service through your city hall or public works department. Compost It! cart service enables you to conveniently wheel the yard waste cart around your yard as you work, and then to the curb for pickup. The capacity of the 96-gallon cart is equivalent to approximately three full yard waste bags. Learn more about Compost It! cart service here.

We thank everyone who stopped to see us at our exhibit this year. We also really appreciate those who gave us the thumbs up as they walked by and told us, “Metro Waste Authority does a great job” or “We love Metro Waste Authority!” We look forward to seeing you at the show again next year.

For more information about safe, smart disposal and recycling options, visit or call 515.244.0021.