ATTENTION EDUCATORS! Reserve Our Environmental Learning Center today!

posted 2/8/2017

At Metro Waste Authority, we often say that we are MORE than just a landfill, and we really mean it! Your landfill is located on 1800 acres owned by Metro Waste Authority, but only 500 of those acres are devoted to landfilling garbage. The other 1300 acres offers resources to the communities we serve. In fact, 500 acres are restored prairie, wetlands and forest. The property is also home to a farmstead that has been converted into a learning station devoted to environmental education. We invite area teachers to treat this facility as an extension of their classroom and take their environmental science lessons outdoors! Curious about what’s about there? Take a look! Reservations can be made here on the MWA website.

Interested in using the Environmental Learning Center, but don’t know how?

The Environmental Education Summer Workshop for Teachers is designed to expose you to a wide range of experiences connecting the natural history of Iowa’s plants and animals to problem-based learning exercises you can deploy in the classroom to address the standards of the NGSS.

Our workshop is organized around two central themes: understanding how plants and animals interact within native Iowa ecosystems (woodlands, wetlands, and prairies) and understanding how adaptations in animals and plants link species together in food webs.  Each day you will explore a particular ecosystem or sub-part of an ecosystem at the Metro Park East Ecology Learning Center and Field Station. 

Mornings will involve hands-on instruction by Drake University's Environmental Science Professor Dr. Keith Summerville.  Afternoons will involve individual and group work on Unit Designs that connect the material studied in the morning sessions with outdoor or hybrid (outdoor/indoor) activities that connect to the NGSS.  At the end of the week, the lesson plans are compiled, collated and distributed to all participants in the classroom to provide to colleagues and use during the year.

Register for the Workshop through Heartland AEA

Sounds like a great opportunity, right? Getting signed up is easy. Just use this link for more information and to register. Class info:

Activity Title: Environmental Ed. Workshop for Teachers L1: Developing Problem-Based Learning
Activity Number: ST001999991801
Sessions: July 10-15 and July 17-21. The workshop meets daily.  A 30 minute working lunch break will be provided around noon.
Fee: Course registration is $85/credit regardless of taking the "no credit" option. Continuing education credit is included in the registration and graduate credit is available for an additional $110/credit through Drake University.

We look forward to seeing you this summer!