Friable & Non-Friable

Both friable and non-friable asbestos containing materials can be disposed of at Metro Park East and Metro Park West landfills. We manage the disposal of friable and non-friable asbestos the same way. Although non-friable asbestos is not thought to pose as great a risk to those exposed to it as friable asbestos, it still presents risk when the fibers are disrupted through crushing or demolition processes that occur during landfill compaction.

  • Friable asbestos consists of materials with "loose" asbestos fibers that become airborne easily presenting a risk to those exposed.
  • Non-friable asbestos consists of materials where the asbestos fibers are "bound-up" in the material and are not as readily airborne (such as floor tile).

Acceptance Hours

Our landfills only accept asbestos and asbestos containing materials during the Special Waste acceptance hours. In the event of inclement weather or other unavoidable circumstances, Metro Waste Authority can coordinate an alternative delivery schedule. See next section for Call Ahead criteria.

Acceptance Criteria

To ensure the safety of the hauler and our staff, we have strict criteria for acceptance:

  • Handling – Asbestos and asbestos contaminated waste must be adequately wetted, sealed in leak-proof containers or wrapping and labeled.
  • Call Ahead – Prior to delivery on the scheduled day, the hauler must call the scale house at the appropriate landfill, Metro Park East or Metro Park West, to confirm that site conditions allow for the delivery of the asbestos waste materials. To sign up to receive these daily notifications, email the Special Waste Representative.
  • Arrival – Upon arrival at the scale house, the driver must advise the scale house staff they have an asbestos or asbestos containing materials scheduled delivery.
  • Paperwork – An Asbestos Shipment Form, signed by the generator and the hauler, must accompany the shipment.
  • Unloading – All vehicles must be off-loaded by hand or other pre-approved methods with extreme care. Under no circumstances can packaging be damaged during unloading. Tipping of roll-off containers is not permitted unless it can be demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Operations Manager that emissions will not occur.