Garbage & Landfill Services

Garbage is Regulated to Protect Environment

Not many realize that garbage is regulated. Whether hauled from a business or home, it must go to a specific landfill, per the Iowa Department of Natural Resources’ comprehensive planning area. By controlling waste, Iowa ensures cities and counties work towards reducing what goes into Iowa landfills. Our two landfills not only look to reduce waste, but work to protect the environment with our Modern or Subtitle D Landfills, lined landfills designed to protect air, land and water quality.

Garbage Hauling & Dumpster or Roll-off Services

Metro Waste Authority does not provide this service. We encourage businesses, residents and event planners who need this service, to contact a private hauler or roll-off company, who bring the waste to our landfills listed below. 

Hiring a Local Company

For garbage collection, dumpster, roll-off rentals or a "bagster," check your phone book or search the internet. Metro Waste Authority is often listed, as our services are so closely connected.

Disposal Costs

We encourage you to review our landfill disposal rates before you hire a company. Private haulers vary on pricing and will pass this cost onto you when they charge for a dumpster, roll-off or bagster.

Landfill Service Areas

Metro Waste Authority provides final disposal for the following businesses and residents in these communities with two landfills, Metro Park East and Metro Park West. Learn below where you can take your waste or where your waste goes once the hauler empties your dumpster. 

Metro Park East

  • All cities and the unincorporated areas in Polk County
  • Cities of Carlisle, Hartford and Norwalk in Warren County
  • Cities of Mingo and Prairie City in Jasper County

Metro Park West

  • City of Jefferson in Greene County
  • Cities of Dawson, Linden, Minburn, Perry, Redfield and Waukee and the unincorporated areas in Dallas County

South Dallas County Landfill

(Not managed by Metro Waste Authority)

The South Dallas County Landfill, located in Adel, only accepts waste from the city of Adel. Business and residents outside the city limits must pay an extra $10, as they are taking trash out of their comprehensive planning area. Fees collected are given to the landfill in that business’ or resident’s service area.