Improve Soil & Create a Lush Lawn with Turf Gold Compost

Before & After Results with Turf Gold Compost

A Natural Alternative to Chemicals & Fertilizers

Made from Recycled Materials

Compost is a natural alternative to lawn chemicals and fertilizers. It's widely used to improve soil quality by increasing its capacity to hold water and nutrients. It also helps control weeds and prevents erosion. The compost is made from local yard debris and trimmings. Learn about its benefits and application tips for lawn, garden and flower beds.

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Metro Waste Authority sells Turf Gold Compost in bulk quantities for commercial projects at the Metro Compost Center. Smaller quantities are sold at retail locations throughout the metro area. 

Tested Regularly for Your Assurance

Our compost is also regularly tested to meet the U.S. Composting Council's Seal of Assurance. View our results.