Collection FAQ

  • What time does my garbage, recycling or yard waste need to be set at the curb for collection?
    1. Day before Collection: Do not set out before 5 p.m.
    2. Collection Day: Set out time varies by community.  Most require set out by 7 a.m. but in some communities it is as early as 6 a.m.  Check with your local city hall for set out times.
  • How should I place my garbage, recycling or yard waste at the curb to ensure collection?
    1. Consider the three-foot rule; there should be three feet between carts, yard waste bags and structures such as mail boxes, cars and lamp posts.
    2. Cart should be within 18 inches of the curb.
    3. Face the short metal bar toward the street.
    4. Position the cart on as level of surface as possible, away from overhanging tree branches.
    5. Make sure lid is closed.
  • What are some tips for setting out carts in the winter months?

    Winter months present some challenges getting carts to the curb. Consider these tips:

    • Clear out a place for your cart when you shovel snow from your driveway. Leave 18 inches around it to allow room for the truck's arm.
    • Don't place carts on snow piles, because it's easy for them to tip over and litter your streets and presents a difficult situation for the truck driver to set down your cart.
    • Don't place carts in the street. This is a hazard for cars, and they could be destroyed by snow plows.