Yard & Garden Waste

Winter Collection & Christmas Tree Recycling

Does your community participate in the Compost It! program?

If so, you can set out yard waste and Christmas trees for collection after the holidays. Dates vary each year. Cities participating in Compost It! just need to remove all decorations and lights and visibly place a green Compost It! sticker on the tree.

Did You Know?

Residents and businesses cannot place grass clippings, leaves and other yard debris in the garbage. Many metro cities participate in our Compost It! yard waste collection. Check with your city's Collection Information to verify. Garden waste can be recycled in the same way, as long as it hasn't entered your house.

Also Applies to:

grass clippings, leaves, garden, tree limb, sticks, twigs, branches, tree branches, tree debris, yard debris, lawn debris, hay bales, Christmas trees, pumpkins, gords, corn husks