Household Hazardous Products

To expedite your visit, keep products in original containers when possible and do not combine materials. Place items in a cardboard box or container for easy transportation. Avoid using garbage or plastic bags. Ensure lids or caps are screwed on tight to avoid spills.


These are a regulated waste stream for businesses. Learn how to safely dispose or recycle them at your company.


Antifreeze, auto polish, auto starter fluid, automotive fluid, brake fluid, carburetor cleaner, diesel, flammable liquids,  gasoline, mixed gasoline, grease removers, hydraulic fluid, kerosene, motor oil, oil, oil filters, transmission fluid, upholstery cleaners, power solvents, steering fluid, windshield washer solution

Home Improvement

Adhesives, caulk (labeled flammable), concrete cleaners, concrete etches, contact cement, furniture stripper, driveway sealer, epoxy, polyurethane, roofing tar, rust removers, shellac, stains, turpentine, varnish, wallpaper remover, deck preservatives

  • Oil-based acrylic is hazardous and is accepted at the locations listed above. Water-based acrylic can be thrown in the garbage.
  • Dry cement mix and drywall compound can be placed in the garbage.
  • Adhesives and glues can be dried out and placed in the garbage.
  • Joint compound and silicone can be placed in the garbage.


Acetone, acids, aerosol cleaners, ammonia-based cleaners, bases, benzoyl peroxide, bleach, bleach cleaners, drain cleaners, solvent-based cleaners, solvent-based polishes, finger nail polish remover, floor care products, furniture polish, ink, toner, developer, mercury, shoe polish, metal polish, mothballs, nail polish remover, oven cleaner, spot remover

  • Drain and enzymatic cleaners are accepted, but you can place them down the drain. Be sure to pour one cup of material down the drain and let the water run for one minute. Do not pour multiple products down the drain at once.

Lawn, Garden & Pool

2,4,5-T, chlordane, bug killer, diazanon, Dursban/Lorsban, fertilizers, flea and tick products, fungicide, herbicides, insect sprays, lighter fluid, PCP, pest spray, pesticides, pest killer, pool chemicals, rat poison, pest poison, rodent poisons, swimming pool chemicals, torch fuel, weed killer

Also Applies to:

Look at the item and if the label says: Flammable, Corrosive, Toxic, Reactive or Keep Away From Children, it's most likely a household hazardous waste.