Computers, Televisions & Electronic Waste

The term e-waste includes both computer and electronics. The listing below identifies how various organizations accept these types of waste. When reviewing the list:

  • Check their website or call directly for specific questions. These organizations are constantly updating recycling options and fees. Feel free to contact us, if you find they are not providing this service.
  • Businesses: Computers and electronic waste is a regulated waste stream. Learn how to safely dispose or recycle them at your company.
  • Electronics Takeback Coalition: Review its Consumer Guide with a description of how large retailers are recycling electronics.
Location Computers & Related Items Electronics & TVs
Amazon Sell items online for gift card

Sell items online for gift card

American Scrap
Yes, see website for details See website for details
ATEC Electronics Recycling, LLC, 515.262.5212 Yes, see website for listing Accepts TVs of all kinds and electronics, see website for listing
Best Buy Recycling See website for details See website for details
Best Buy Trade-In Trade-in for gift card Trade-in for gift card

CD Recycling Center 
(mail-in program)

CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, inkjet cartridges, computer cables Small electronics
Curbside Garbage (material is landfilled) Large-item stickers required Large-item stickers required Pays for certain devices Pays for certain cell phones
Goodwill Industries of Central Iowa
Dell's Reconnect Program, accepts working and non-working computers for free and computer-related items;

Only accepts working electronics and working flat-screen TVs Laptops, tablets Cell phones, digital cameras

H&W Recycling, 641.227.3200

Computer waste is no charge, except for monitors Electronic waste is no charge, except for TVs
Hewlett-Packard Buy-back program Buy-back program
Salvation Army, 515.243.4277 Working computers and computer-related items Accepts working electronics but not TVs
Scrap Processors  Computer waste, does not accept monitors (often pays for computer waste based on materials and quantity) Accepts electronic waste, but not TVs
Midwest Electronic Recovery, 515.226.9990 Yes TVs, cell phones and other electronics
Metro Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Free, participates in Goodwill's Dell Reconnect Program Electronics and TVs, view fees by size
Metro Park East Landfill Computer monitors - view fees by size TVs - view fees by size
Metro Park West Landfill Computer monitors - view fees by size TVs - view fees by size
Panasonic Panasonic products only Panasonic products only
Quill Ink and toner recycling N/A
Sell My Cell Phone Tablets Cell phones
Staples See website for details See website for details
Verizon Notebooks, tablets Cell phones, mobile hot spots Sell and recycle old devices Sell and recycle old devices

Also Applies to:

COMPUTERS: computer, desktop, laptop, tablets, computer monitor, computer terminal, CRT, LCD, computer accessories, keyboards, mice, mouse, speakers, networking equipment, web-cameras, laptop docks, computer battery, battery backups, cords, cables, AC adapters, power cables, internal ribbons, flash drives, floppies, magnetic media, hard drives, optical drives, floppy drives, ink cartridges, toner cartridges, motherboards, cards, power strips, power supplies, printers, software, CDs and cases, DVDs and cases, scanners
ELECTRONICS: TV, television, electric cords, exstension cords, electronic device, clock, radio, mp3 player, answering machines, audio amplifiers, cassette players, dvd players, electronic toys, facsimile, fax, hand held game systems, radio, record players, satellite receivers, tape recorders, telephones, televisions, video cameras, telex, terminals, vcrs, video game systems, video recorders, small electric tools