When You Arrive

Metro Park East - Three Lanes

Choosing the Right Lane

When visiting Metro Park East Landfill, you have three lane options:

Lane 1 Customers - Left Lane
Drive onto the scale. Wait for directions from the scale. Then drive to window.
Lane 2 Commercial Haulers (Wizard Accounts) - Center Lane
Drive onto the scale and enter your Wizard account number.
Lane 3 Visitors - Right Lane
For those visiting and not disposing of garbage or recyclables, use this lane and park south of the Scale House.

Drop-Off Areas & Tips

Customers bringing garbage, recyclables, yard waste or other waste streams are directed to use Lane 1. Once on the scale, our staff assists you with instructions. Customers are typically charged by amount and/or type of waste. See Rates & Payment for pricing

Trash Drop-Off vs. Landfill

The Trash Drop-Off is designed to help customers unload with minimal lifting. This area is raised so vehicles can back up to the dumpsters and push garbage into the dumpsters. Our staff is not authorized to assist with unloading.

Only commercial haulers and roll-off containers are directed to the landfill area to unload directly at the working face, the final disposal area where garbage is compacted and covered daily. Learn more about Metro Park East's Environmental Practices.

Household Hazardous Waste

Only Appliances, Computers and Electronics are accepted at Metro Park East in the Recycling Drop-Off area. Residents are encouraged to visit our Metro Hazardous Waste Drop-Off for other types of household hazardous waste.

Recycling Drop-Off

Customers are encouraged to sort recyclables before arrival. After checking in at the Scale House, customers are directed to the Recycling Drop-Off. Signs in this area designate dumpsters and open areas for the various accepted items. See Rates & Payment for a list of recyclable items and their applicable fees.

Roof Shingles

Customers are encouraged to sort roof shingles during the tear off of the old roof. Learn about the Shingle Recycling program before you visit to ensure the discount. If the shingles are coming from a commercial property (four-plex and above), be sure to review the guidelines for Commercial Roofs.

Special Waste, Asbestos & Liquids

These business and commercial waste streams are regulated and often require appointments. Please see the Special Waste section for details prior to visiting.

Yard Waste, Brush & Pallets

Residents and businesses can bring yard waste to the Yard Waste Drop-Off. These items include leaves, grass, garden waste, brush and wood pallets. Upon arrival, please unload in the areas designated for the following types of yard waste:

  • Leaves & Grass
  • Brush
  • Pallets

NOTE: Yard Waste for residents is free of charge if delivered in Compost It! Bags or in store-brand bags with Compost It! Stickers.