Compost Process

  • Testing Temperature of Compost

    Testing Temperature of Compost

    The process of composting naturally creates a temperature of 140 F -- hot enough to kill off weed seed.

  • Windrow Turner

    Windrow Turner

    As the yard waste and brush break down, the piles are turned using this piece of equipment.

  • Windrow Turner

    Windrow Turner

    Yard waste is turned with a Windrow Turner. For those with backyard compost piles, this is the larger-scale version of turning your compost.

  • Front Loader Piles Yard Waste Bags

    Front Loader Piles Yard Waste Bags

    The Metro Compost Center accepts yard waste collected from commercial haulers and landscapers. Yard waste from the curbside collection program, Compost It!, is recycled here and sold at retail locations.

  • Scale


    The vehicles are charged by weight by driving onto the scale. These vehicles have accounts and use a code to communicate the truck and its weight.

  • Commercial Facility

    Commercial Facility

    The Metro Compost Center recycles more than 20,000 tons of yard waste into a nutrient rich compost that undergoes regular testing to meet the U.S. Composting Council's Seal of Assurance.

  • Screened Compost

    Screened Compost

    The finished compost is screened to a 1/2-inch particle.

Recycling Nature

Yard waste collected through our Compost It! program and from local haulers and landscapers is taken to the Metro Compost Center where it is processed and eventually sold at Turf Gold Compost at retail locations and to wholesale companies.

What is yard waste?

  • Grass Clippings
  • Leaves
  • Garden Waste
  • Brush

Nine- to 12-Month Process

The decomposition of yard waste into Turf Gold Compost undergoes several steps:

  • To facilitate decomposition, the material is turned periodically and eventually reaches an average temperature of 140 degrees. This temperature is sufficient enough to kill off weed seeds. 
  • The final product is screened to a ½-inch particle size and is sold in bulk quantities at the Metro Compost Center and in smaller amounts at retail locations in the metro area.
  • The composting process takes about 9-12 months.