Recycling Process

Follow these key steps before your next re-roof project to properly recycle the shingles. If you are tearing off a commercial roof (four-plex and above), you must have asbestos testing completed ahead of time. Learn more.

Review Discount Guidelines

Shingles must be sorted of the debris that goes with tearing off a roof. To qualify for the discount, review the Discount Guidelines or download the flyer in English or Spanish.

Best Practices

As you tear off roof, put a tarp down to sort metal, wood and trash. Place these over the shingles or in a trash barrel, tarp the load and transport it to the landfill.

Complete the Forms

To assist your drivers, fill out the appropriate forms ahead of time. These are required for every load of recycled shingles by the Iowa DOT to verify the where the shingles originated.

  • Residential: The Residential Form requires company name, address, phone and contact name, along with residential address of project. Download the form in English or Spanish.
  • Commercial: Four-plex and above projects are considered commercial and must have asbestos testing completed prior to recycling it. Learn more.

Communicate with ScalehouseShingles Recycling Drop-Off

When you arrive, communicate to the scale house staff that you have shingles to recycle. They will:

  • Direct you where to unload in the Shingles Drop-Off Area, Bays 1-7 (for Metro Park East, see map).
  • Send a landfill staff member to meet you.
  • Ask for the signed residential form or commercial permit.

Unload Shingles

Drive to the Shingles Drop-Off Area and begin to unload in the designated bay. A landfill staff member will arrive to determine if the load is clean. Containers are located in this area to recycle the metal and throw away the trash from your load. You do not need to visit the Trash Drop-Off Area.

Checking the Load

Our staff member determines if the shingles are clean and communicates to the scale if your load qualifies. If your load doesn’t qualify, you still have the opportunity to sort through the load, remove the trash and receive the discount. Some loads are impossible to clean and our staff will ask you to take what’s still on your truck to the Trash Drop-Off Area to unload.

Local Options

Construction & Demolition Debris

Businesses and residents can refer to our online guide to view local options for recycling or safe disposal of these types of materials: