Find Roofer/Roll-Off

If you plan to re-roof your home soon, below is a list of companies committed to recycling shingles. We encourage you to contact one of these companies or ask your own roofer to provide this service when they re-roof your home.

 Become a Shingle Recycler

Roofers Contact Information City
33 Carpenters Construction Email | 515.451.6258 Urbandale
Affordable Roll-off 515.243.1574 Des Moines
Andrews Roofing Email | 515.664.7968 Des Moines
Bakeris Roofing Email | 515.967.8199 Runnells
Bell Construction Roofing Email | 515.963.4494 Ankeny
C & R Roofing LLC 515.778.8978 Des Moines
Colin Roofing Email | 515.778.5489 Des Moines
Double C Corp 515.202.4768 Des Moines
Drake Roofing 515.243.5719 Des Moines
G & G Roofing Email | 515.418.8243 Urbandale
Gene Miller Construction 641.787.9236 Newton
JB Construction Email | 515.681.4699 Ankeny
Johnson Roofing 515.943.8160 Des Moines
Jurado Roofing 515.401.0468 Des Moines
Leakproof Roofing Systems Email |  515.771.4378 Mitchellville
McCarty Roofing & Repair Email | 515.490.9681 Hartford
McNeece Homes Email | 515.971.6602 Pleasant Hill
Rojas Roofing 515.202.7092 Des Moines
Roofing Specialists 515.250.6637 Des Moines
Rooftopper Email | 515.202.6758 Des Moines
Seamless Pros LLC Email | 515.290.1704 Jewell
Whitey Exteriors Email | 515.202.2284 Indianola

Local Options

Construction & Demolition Debris

Businesses and residents can refer to our online guide to view local options for recycling or safe disposal of these types of materials: